Only 2% of Americans live on farms. Less actually work on them. 99% of farms in America are family farms. we ask all Americans to support our country and buy American made. in these times it is so important that we all buy from the local shops. keep your money here at home. by supporting a small American BUSINESS, you are providing a future for children many generations down the road. we teach children to dream big! LET'S help them and our country by supporting small American business. The future for our children and grand children is in our hands.

Pioneer Valley Farm is a family farm in Illinois and Wisconsin. We grow our own trees for Christmas wreaths and greens. All of our materials are 100% made in the USA. We enjoy working to help organizations, cemeteries and small retail shops earn income from our home-grown products. When you work with us you will speak directly to an owner. We are all involved in all levels of farm production. Because we do all the production onsite, we can work with you to meet your fundraising/profit goals.